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The Whatever: Forgotten Foods

This week’s idea courtesy of Bob, who originated the Whatever on Bob-Net. Tell me about five things you liked to eat or drink but can’t because they don’t make them anymore. 1. The McDLT. This was, for quite some time, my flagship fast-food burger. It came in that double polystyrene package with the burger and …

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The Whatever: Mix Masters

Let’s do a Whatever. (And you’re more than welcome to go back and do the old ones, too.) What five songs do you have to put on every mix-tape you make? These don’t have to be your favorite five songs of all time. They just need to be songs that you absolutely have to share …

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The Whatever: Star Wars Edition

Monday means it’s time for another edition of … … and, as always, you can check out previous installments and contribute to your heart’s content. I don’t know what to make of this Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated thing that’s coming to a theater near us this Friday, but I know what I think …

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