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The Whatever: The Best Movies of 2008

And here … we … go … What are the 10 best movies you saw this year? (Last year’s are here.) 10. Get Smart. Seriously. Original review here. 9. Rambo. If you listen closely, this movie is saying, “Hello, My Audience. Sylvester Stallone here. I know exactly what you want, and I’m going to give …

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The Whatever: The Worst Movies of 2008

To be followed soon by the 10 best. What are the 10 worst movies you saw this year? 10. Punisher: War Zone. Somewhere under this mess of neon lights and stereotypes is the best Punisher movie since the 1989 one with Dolph Lundgren. Ray Stevenson is good as the Punisher. Wayne Knight is good as …

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The Whatever: Whatever Are You Up To?

Welcome to this week’s (late) Whatever, where I ask you a question and you give me five answers. This was originated, of course, by Bob, and you are welcome to go back and answer his old Whatevers and the ones I’ve posed since taking over. Tell me five things you’ve done lately. I … 1. …

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