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The Whatever: Cover Song Extravaganza

It’s Monday, so here … we … go. It’s another two-parter. And! Please go back and do the previous ones, too. What are your five favorite cover songs of all time? 1. Jonatha Brooke ends her Back in the Circus album with a beautiful, heartbreaking reworking of the Alan Parsons Project’s “Eye in the Sky”; …

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The Whatever: Mid-2008 Movie/Music Summit

Hey, Gang, It’s time for this week’s Whatever, and please feel free to go back and contribute to past installments. I’m still working hard on my review of The Dark Knight, which has been delayed because I spent my weekend beating deadlines for real publications. (Not that my own little website here isn’t real, but …

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The Whatever: Comic Book Movies

It’s Monday. So let’s do this. And please check out previous installments here. With The Dark Knight coming soon, what are your five favorite superhero movies, and what do you think are the five worst? I know that some of you haven’t seen many superhero movies, so, if you haven’t seen enough to make a …

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