Fandalorians: A Star Wars Podcast for a Growing Galaxy #22

Sean Gerber and I review Chapter 3 of THE MANDALORIAN, “The Sin,” which marks the remarkable Star Wars directorial debut of Deborah Chow, who’ll be helming all six episodes of Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+.

Chow’s chops are fully on display here; she delivers complex action sequences that are easy to follow, and she injects urgency and emotion into every second of it. Sean and I really enjoyed talking about this one!

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Swamp Things #32: “A Murder of Crows”

Robert Reineke and I dive into Alan Moore’s SWAMP THING #48, “A Murder of Crows,” with analysis and narrative readings!

I’m really proud of this one; I got to be Swamp Thing, John Constantine, “Judith Iscariot,” and the chief Brujería, and I’d strained my voice so badly by the end of the six-minute middle reading that I threw up a little… which is actually kind of fitting, given this one’s subject matter.

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