Regarding BATMAN #56

Issue 56 begins as 55 ended, with a BANG! This time it’s banging on a door in snow-smothered Mother Russia, as opposed to the rifle bang that recently put a bullet across Nightwing’s noggin. But door banging soon begets shotgun banging; the knocker is KGBeast, the shooter is his dear old dad, and elsewhere, in Gotham City, Batman is mad. His rage takes him across the globe, where he shares an action-packed battle against ninjas with an ally and later breaks out his impeccable powers of intellect, intimidation, and escape against an enemy.

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Regarding BATMAN #55

While Batman and Nightwing melee with mummies mustered by new nemesis Phantom Pharaoh, KGBeast arrives in Gotham City with a checklist that culminates in, well, you’ll just have to read and see it for yourself.

It’s the kind of thing that’s big, but also isn’t, as we all know there’s no way it sticks, and not even for a little bit. But it’s one hell of a hook into the next issue, and I’m eager to see how it fits into the bigger puzzle of Bane’s sinister scheme to break Batman yet again — a plan that began by nefariously nixing Bruce Wayne’s nuptials with Selina Kyle and continued with the fiendish framing of Mr. Freeze for three murders in “Cold Days.”

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Regarding BATMAN #54

After issue 53’s rigorous ruminations on religion, God, and The Batman, Dick Grayson joins Bruce Wayne (and legendary artist Matt Wagner joins writer Tom King!) for an engaging exploration of fathers and sons, and of partners in crime and against it.

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