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Bad cops like falafel, but Batman gets free hot dogs

And … I’m moved in. And since I’m still unpacking and sorting and arranging, I’ll make my first post from my new home a light one. Click here to read a really great interview with Christian Bale in Details. What he said about wishing he could share the The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger upon …

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Hardee's knows how to do it

Several weeks ago, the subject of Hardee’s came up at Empire Comics. (This shows you how far behind I am on my bloggings.) So my friends Aaron and Greg and I, who often grab dinner together on Wednesdays after the shop closes, made plans to visit Hardee’s the following week. This is an account of …

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Regarding the Wendy’s Baconator

My friend Angela: “I was wondering if you’d considered reviewing the Wendy’s Baconator, a half-pound burger that boasts six — that’s right, six — slices of bacon.” Me: “Okay.” Because, as it just so happens, I’ve already had one. A couple of weeks ago I went to get the oil in my car changed. The …

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