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The Whatever: Whatever Are You Up To?

Welcome to this week’s (late) Whatever, where I ask you a question and you give me five answers. This was originated, of course, by Bob, and you are welcome to go back and answer his old Whatevers and the ones I’ve posed since taking over. Tell me five things you’ve done lately. I … 1. …

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The Whatever: Forgotten Foods

This week’s idea courtesy of Bob, who originated the Whatever on Bob-Net. Tell me about five things you liked to eat or drink but can’t because they don’t make them anymore. 1. The McDLT. This was, for quite some time, my flagship fast-food burger. It came in that double polystyrene package with the burger and …

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Bob took pictures at jambalaya night

Bob and Courtney and Oliver and Melissa and Mike came over Monday night for dinner. I made the meatiest jambalaya ever. One regular box of Zatarain’s jambalaya mix, one family-sized box, three 12-ounce packages of Al Fresco sweet Italian sausages, two more 12-ounce packages of Al Fresco chicken apple sausages, two pounds of fresh deli …

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