Regarding BATMAN #51

Mister Freeze is on trial after a brutal beating by Batman, and now Bruce Wayne is on the jury!

This issue ticks the boxes of every clichĂ© and worst-scenario I feared this book would devolve into in the aftermath of the “wedding,” but Tom King keeps it fun, fresh, and utterly great, with a final panel that’s one for the ages.

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Regarding BATMAN #49

After issue 48 ended with a literal bang (and Batman down), this one escalates immediately into a cinematic showdown between Selina Kyle and The Joker.

But writer Tom King quickly changes the confrontation’s nature and tone to deliver maximum emotion and suspense in clever ways that pages upon pages of furious fisticuffs never could, capably concluding “The Best Man” with one of the greatest Catwoman stories AND one of the greatest Joker stories ever told!

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