Regarding BATMAN #53

Mr. Freeze’s verdict is in as “Cold Days” concludes! Tom King and Lee Weeks deliver Bruce Wayne’s clandestine confession of his history and identity as Batman to his fellow jurors as a beautifully composed and tragically told rumination on religion… but who saves Gotham’s savior?

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Regarding BATMAN #52

After kicking Mr. Freeze’s ice and straight-up murdering a urinal in the men’s room at Gotham South Court, Bruce Wayne seems a bit more composed here than he was when we saw him last. And he’d better be! Because even though his 11 fellow jurors have already agreed on his frigid foe’s fate, Bruce is more interested in putting someone else on trial:

The Batman.

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Once again, Antoine Fuqua effortlessly blends vignettes of humanity and heart with ruthlessly crafted sequences of Denzel Washington wreaking the wrath of God upon bad guys who’ve got it coming; the finale swaps the home improvement store for a hurricane. Superb.