Regarding BATMAN #48

“The Best Man” begins!

Deep inside one of Gotham City’s most beautiful cathedrals, The Joker cruelly kicks a young couple’s wedding into a sickening spiral of slaughter. He knows his disgusting deed will bring Batman, and it’s one of the nastiest and grandest plans The Clown Prince of Crime has ever perpetrated.

Because, you see, he’s well aware of Batman’s impending nuptials… and he’s jealous that he wasn’t invited. Unleashing such carnage at a wedding, when Batman clearly has his own vows on his mind, is a stroke of vile genius; maybe, just maybe, the very venue will throw Batman off his game just enough.

It’s enough.

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Regarding BATMAN #47

“You were happy… and the world wasn’t.”

When a broken Booster Gold speaks those words to Batman in the finale of “The Gift,” it’s both a confession of his catastrophic attempt at a wedding present and also — possibly — an unintended bit of foreshadowing.

Can Bruce Wayne truly remain our silent guardian, our watchful protector, our Dark Knight… if he’s living happily ever after?

In the hands of lesser writers, this three-issue detour into an alternate reality could have been little more than filler. But Tom King is smarter than that, crafting a weird, wild story that says big things about Bruce’s connection to Batman while adding even more gloom and gray to the already ominous clouds that gather above his upcoming wedding to Selina Kyle.

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Regarding BATMAN #46

In issue 45, Booster Gold and his robot buddy, Skeets, went all “Alan Moore” by wedding-gifting Batman his very own version of Superman’s “For the Man Who Has Everything.”

It did not go well.

Issue 46 begins “One Year Later.” Skeets is still scuttled, leaving a broken and bearded Booster desperately trying to make things right in this alternately reality his meddling has made. If a wedding was the impetus for the bad business Booster’s bungling has brought forth, then surely a wedding can fix it, right?


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