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Review: Danny Mac’s Pizza

Many weeks ago, when most of the rest of the River City was at Thunder Over Louisville, my friend Melissa and I decided to try Danny Mac’s Pizza, at 1014 Clarks Lane off of Poplar Level Road. Primarily built for carryout, it only has two tables inside, and that’s where we ate. She got a …

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A big boo-ford to Rally’s “improved” Big Buford

Aw, man, come on. I love Rally’s burgers. Especially the Big Buford. And now they’ve changed it for what they’d like me to think is the better. First, some background. One of my favorite college courses was the advertising class I took with Dr. Vijay Krishna. At the time, Rally’s had a television campaign going …

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Prelude to a jambalaya

Are you hungry? Every Tuesday, the Carsons (Melissa and Mike) and the Nevilles (Courtney and Bob and Oliver, the most curious and hilarious and wonderful kid in the world) and I alternate between cooking and hosting dinner for everyone else. This week it’s my turn … and the return of Johnbalaya, which is jambalaya made …

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