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Regarding BATMAN #42

It’s three weeks into Poison Ivy’s reign as queen of the world, and only Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are immune to her horticultural horrors. For the most part, Ivy allows them to move freely, because really, what are two people going to do when she’s got the whole planet seeing green? Batman hatches his …

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Regarding BATMAN #41

After surviving the savage swords of Talia al Ghul, celebrating a double date with Superman and Lois Lane, and enduring Batman’s banishment to a dimension of demons with Diana of  Themyscira, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are rested and ready to take on the entire world… and thanks to Poison Ivy, they’re going to have …

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Regarding BATMAN #40

As Batman and Wonder Woman keep an old promise to navigate a deadly dimension of murderous monsters, Selina Kyle learns the shocking truth behind the burden her fiancé and his Amazon associate have committed (or is it condemned?) themselves to! You can read my review at Batman On Film!

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