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Regarding BATMAN (2016) Annual #3

‪“The Drone” and his evil aerial swarm have declared war against the military-industrial complex he once served. When the flu sends Batman crashing in more ways than one, can Alfred Pennyworth save the day the hard way? You can read my review at Batman On Film!

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Regarding BATMAN (2016) #60

“It’s Batman,” a grizzled Harvey Bullock gruffly tells a frazzled Jim Gordon of our increasingly unhinged hero’s savage assaults on Mr. Freeze, KGBeast, Bane, and, well, Jim Gordon. “Anything’s possible.” Gordon doesn’t want to believe his friend has fallen this far off the deep end; across Gotham City’s rooftops, Batman brazenly brutalizes one Rogues Gallery …

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Regarding BATMAN (2016) #59

Quack is wack! Or is it? You know things are going badly in a Batman comic when The Penguin is the only character you’re certain is telling the truth. Bane is allegedly running things from the bowels of Arkham Asylum, but he cowers and communicates like a frightened child and literally begs for his mommy …

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