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Regarding BATMAN #47

“You were happy… and the world wasn’t.” When a broken Booster Gold speaks those words to Batman in the finale of “The Gift,” it’s both a confession of his catastrophic attempt at a wedding present and also — possibly — an unintended bit of foreshadowing. Can Bruce Wayne truly remain our silent guardian, our watchful …

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Regarding BATMAN #46

In issue 45, Booster Gold and his robot buddy, Skeets, went all “Alan Moore” by wedding-gifting Batman his very own version of Superman’s “For the Man Who Has Everything.” It did not go well. Issue 46 begins “One Year Later.” Skeets is still scuttled, leaving a broken and bearded Booster desperately trying to make things …

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Regarding BATMAN #45

“Is this a kissing book?” I’ve referenced that quote from THE PRINCESS BRIDE before, for those of you who might not be as much of a pushover for all the Bat/Cat stories we’ve been getting from Tom King as I’ve been. Issue 45 takes a break from the romance to detour into an alternate timeline …

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