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Regarding BATMAN #45

“Is this a kissing book?” I’ve referenced that quote from THE PRINCESS BRIDE before, for those of you who might not be as much of a pushover for all the Bat/Cat stories we’ve been getting from Tom King as I’ve been. Issue 45 takes a break from the romance to detour into an alternate timeline …

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Regarding BATMAN #44

And here I’ve been worried for weeks about the external threats that might muck up the impending marriage of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle! In issue 44, writer Tom King reflects on how their tumultuous past might affect their matrimonial present by presiding over a holy union of another kind, bringing artists Mikel Janín and …

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Regarding BATMAN #43

As nasty as the tactics and action in “The War of Jokes and Riddles” got, writer Tom King brought the weight of it home by capably communicating the emotional effects (and fallout) the battle had on Batman’s soul. In this issue’s conclusion of “Everyone Loves Ivy,” King returns to those dark days to demonstrate how …

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