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Regarding BATMAN (2016) #62

After recently delivering the brain-bending, heart-rending ending to their 12-issue MISTER MIRACLE series, writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads place another hero into a surreal situation demanding death-defying escape. Batman talks his body through the savagely visceral steps to freedom from the slaughterhouse where a preening, knife-wielding Professor Pyg intends to chop him into …

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Regarding BATMAN (2016) #61

When young Bruce Wayne’s parents are gunned down on the streets of Gotham City, Jim Gordon and the boy get help from the one man who can bring the killer to justice: The Batman. Who? What? When? Where? How? Exactly. You can read my review at Batman On Film!

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Regarding BATMAN (2016) Annual #3

‪“The Drone” and his evil aerial swarm have declared war against the military-industrial complex he once served. When the flu sends Batman crashing in more ways than one, can Alfred Pennyworth save the day the hard way? You can read my review at Batman On Film!

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