Kay Hanley keeps rockin' for the kids

Kay Hanley rocks.

A lot.

Possibly the most.

Throughout the 1990s she was the singer for Letters to Cleo. I still listen to their 1997 album Go! in its sparkling entirety at least once a week. Sometimes more often than that.

Since then Kay has released two solo CDs — reviews for those are here and here — and formed a girl-rock super group called The Dilettantes with Michelle Lewis featuring guest appearances by the likes of Lisa Loeb, Leah Andreone, Tracy Bonham and Nina Gordon. A review of their Hearts & Flowers EP is right here.

She belted out scorching covers of “Cruel to Be Kind” and “I Want You to Want Me” in 10 Things I Hate About You and sang the vocals on the excellent Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack album.

Kay’s married to “USA Mike” Eisenstein, who was the lead guitarist for Letters to Cleo. He still plays guitar on all of Kay’s solo stuff, which rocks.

Back in April, I posted Kay’s video for her theme song for My Friends Tigger & Pooh. It’s awesome, and she’s adorable.

Now Kay’s back with another kids-themed video for a new Care Bears project:


She’s the greatest.

And she’s still making music for grownups, too. She just finished a new album that’ll hopefully be out soon.

Check out some clips on her MySpace page and if you like what you hear, buy some of her music. Because you’ll love it.

And watch a live performance at the bottom of this page.

Keep your eyes here for news on the new album’s release!