Michael Caine discusses Heath Ledger's Joker!

Question: How amazing was the deservedly legendary Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s butler and trusted ally, Alfred Pennyworth, in Batman Begins?

Answer: Infinitely.

Mr. Caine just updated his official website with the following rave about Heath Ledger:

I have just got back from my second trip to Chicago where I am shooting “Batman”; my jet lag has gone so I feel like updating this site. I have one more stint in Chicago in a month’s time, then I will be finished on the 2nd “Batman.” The great revelation of working on this is Heath Ledger, who plays the “The Joker.” I have seen him on film and I have worked with him and I must say it is quite an extraordinary performance.


In other Michael Caine news, he also makes this announcement:

Michael Caine would like to state that he doesn’t own or have any interest in any restaurants at the present time.

I’d personally appreciate it if all you jerks out there who are trying to coerce Michael Caine into opening a restaurant would STOP.


Let it go and leave him be.

Because me might just send his new buddy Heath to scare you.