Justice League gets a director?

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

About a month ago, I posted these comments by Brandon Routh and Christian Bale — our current Superman and Batman — about the Justice League movie that’s simmering right now in the kitchen over at Warner Bros.

Rumors are flying today that George Miller — who’s directed everything from Mel Gibson’s Mad Max movies to Happy Feet — is the top choice to direct it.

If this happens, will Routh and Bale play Superman and Batman?

I honestly hope not. If Warner Bros. goes ahead with this movie, keep it separate and don’t mess with the good thing Bale and Christopher Nolan are doing with Batman. As for Superman, we really don’t need another appearance by the deadbeat dad Superman from Superman Returns, who values neither responsibility nor accountability. Brandon Routh was excellent as Superman, but the script for that movie was unforgivable and should be swept forever under the deepest, darkest rug.

Make it new.

Make it different.

Keep it separate.


Who will be the other members? Wonder Woman? The Flash? Green Lantern?

Who knows?

My hesitation isn’t about Miller, who by all accounts is an exceptional filmmaker. It’s about the screenplay, and how they’ll handle the casting.

I’ll keep a close eye on this one. And if Miller does indeed sign the dotted line, news will start happening fast.