First Indy IV photo of Harrison Ford!

This photo was taken by Steven Spielberg on the set of Indy IV

… and you can check out the full-sized version on display by our good friends over at the official Indiana Jones website by clicking on the picture above.

(Harrison will turn 65 while they’re filming the movie, on July 13. And he still looks great. If he’s willing to keep making these movies when he’s 80, I’ll be there.)

(And I’d say that I hope I’m in that kind of shape when I’m 65, but I’m 31 and I’m not in that kind of shape now.)

(Maybe someday.)


I still can’t believe they’re making this! But seeing this photo makes it feel infinitely more real.

We’ll all believe it together to the tune of nachos and Cokes on May 22, 2008!

(But no chilled monkey brains, please.)

(And no computer effects, please. Do it old-school. One last time.)