ARRESTED Development? IN development!


The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Arrested Development’ film gets closer


I’ve been hoping this would happen for a long time. I hope they shoot it on a super-low production budget so they can pay the cast more and it still looks like the show.

And I hope they still bleep out all of the cursing, which, to me, would make it that much funnier. Especially if we get another long, terrifying Buster rant about Mother.

Bring it on.

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And more news as it … develops!

Michael: It’s like we finish each other’s …

Lindsay: Sandwiches?

Michael: Sentences. Why would I say …

Lindsay: Sandwiches?

Michael: That time I was going to say sandwiches.



  1. bakedbeans4life says:

    The movie will be an epic failure if we don’t get to see everyone’s chicken dance though.

    And I’m with you on the bleeps. That’s one of the funniest things they do.

  2. The Nik says:

    OMGYAY! Best. News. This. Morning! I really need to read entertainment news more often. I’ve been so lazy lately. Heh.

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