Iron Man set photos, video and new Downey pic

I talked a little about next summer’s Iron Man comic-to-film adaptation last week, and now news and photos are pouring in faster than I can keep up with them.

IESB has posted awesome set photos of a fight being filmed between Iron Man — better known as gazillionaire military contractor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), who uses his own creations to battle international evil — and Iron Monger — also known as Obidiah Stone (Jeff Bridges), who uses similar (and bigger and meaner) technology for significantly less benevolent purposes.

This follows on the heels of this really cool video IESB posted of a stuntman moving around pretty ably in the Iron Man armor. When he’s moving around on the ground, you can tell just how mobile the suit really is.

One of my favorite websites — Superhero Hype! — posted these high-resolution shots of the now-famous Entertainment Weekly shot of the Mark III armor and a dapper new photo of Downey as Stark.

All of this looks like it walked right off the pages of a comic book, and I’ve no doubt that this will be a fun, exciting movie next summer.

We’ll also be getting The Incredible Hulk (with Ed Norton and Liv Tyler) and The Dark Knight next summer, along with a Hugh Jackman Wolverine solo movie — set in the 1970s! — sometime in 2008.

Tony Stark might have to borrow the projector and convert it into some kind of energy weapon midway through the first showing of Iron Man at the theater near you on May 2, 2008.