Bat-Bale talks Nolan, Ledger, Gyllenhaal and Eckhart

I just woke up from this really bad — and very realistic — dream that I saw Spider-Man 3 last night and it was the worst movie ever.

Wait … there’s a ticket stub on my desk … NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh, well.

At least I’m getting Ed Norton and Liv Tyler in a good Hulk movie.


CHRISTIAN BALE sat down with and said things like this about the cast of The Dark Knight:

Yeah, we’ve all met. We’ve got the old crowd of me and Gary [Oldman] and Morgan [Freeman] and then Heath [Ledger] now, and Maggie [Gyllenhaal] and Aaron [Eckhart] are in there. Absolutely — Everyone really loves it. Everyone really does. It’s not just kind of getting in there for a paycheck. Heath really pursued Chris on this. They definitely like what he has done with it and he wants to be a part of it, and so there is a great new injection of this new blood, and they all want to put their own stamps onto the story.”

He also talks about his healthy working relationship with Christopher Nolan and how he feels about all of the excruciating physical training it takes to become Batman.

Did you know that prior to doing Batman Begins, Bale had dropped down to 120 pounds to play a man who couldn’t sleep in The Machinist? Then he shot up to 220 pounds of mass for Batman, which was then honed down to 195 pounds of muscle so he could fit in the Batman suit.

Probably not healthy, but it’s definitely impressive that he’s got that kind of dedication to the role.

Check out the interview. It’s really cool.

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Morgan Freeman’s going to get all of us free Cokes and nachos, and when the manager says no he’s going to take out a hand-written note on Wayne Enterprises letterhead that says “Didn’t you get the memo?” on July 18, 2008!