And what about another Nolan Batman?

Our good friend Bill assembles all the so-far quotes and comments from creators and cast right here.

(Though nothing’s official, I’m pretty confident that Nolan will do one more.)


  1. Boggs says:

    I have another choice for Catwoman, but it exists 15 years ago.

    Mariska Hargitay, or as I call her, Mariska HOTgitay.

    Too old now, still hot, but too old.

  2. John says:

    Your “Carla Gugino as Catwoman” suggestion rocked my universe, but I think she’s still my pick for Lois Lane.

    Hargitay is a killer choice. So gorgeous. My friend Courtney is a big fan, and I once wrote Mariska Hargitay a letter asking if I could get an autographed photo for Courtney’s birthday, and that Courtney always referred to her as “Sweet Mariska Hargitay.”

    About three weeks later I got a gorgeous Law & Order photo that was signed, “To Courtney, Happy Birthday! From Sweet Mariska Hargitay.”

    I got it framed and it still hangs in her office.

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