Gilmore Sounding Board nos. 146 and 147

Two new Gilmore Girls reviews for you:

146: “I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar”

Sorry for the lack of a formal Gilmore Sounding Board last week, but big thanks to Bonnie for summing up what a lot of us Gilmore Girls fans have been feeling in the comments. Last season was painful and uncomfortable, and this season has admittedly stumbled in getting things back on track. I hope along with Bon that things keep moving in a positive direction. Luke’s got joint custody of April, Christopher and Lorelai came to a beautifully written (and appropriate) end, and now it’s time to get things back on track. One thing that I’ve noticed a lot about this season is that even with lots of story elements in play, we’re still seeing lots of filler episodes. This one was mostly filler, but even Gilmore filler is still Gilmore. I enjoyed Edward Herrmann’s crotchety Richard very much (and particularly enjoyed him in the pre-credits sequence last week). I still don’t trust that Mitchum Huntzberger; it’s obvious that his only true interest in Rory is in making sure that she keeps Logan on track. I’m glad she didn’t take him up on his offer for a free job.

147: “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?”

Something that crossed my mind while watching tonight’s episode is that in the old days, an episode was brimming with one sweet, funny moment after another. These days we still get those moments, but they appear much more sporadically. I haven’t really laughed at anything Gil (Sebastian Bach) has said or done this season, for example. But there were still lots of little things to savor. For example, I love it that April chose Kirk as the hero for the story she had to write about someone she knows. I love it that April is just fine with hanging out with her dad at his diner. And I loved it that Lane asked Rory to be the Lorelai to her children. The beauty of that notion is staggering — a true Gilmore whammy.

I do feel that the Gilmore creative team — both departed and current — has taken to varying degrees of character assassination for the sake of a storyline. We saw Luke and Lorelai reduced to indecisive shadows of themselves last season. And this year I think Anna went from being a tad too overprotective to being totally evil. Tonight it was Logan’s turn; I know Logan has his faults, and I know he likes to drown his sorrows in tomfoolery with his friends, but it seems a little unlike him to just run out on a promise to Rory. Particularly after hurting her feelings the way he did. So I guess we’ll see where that goes.

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Bonnie’s comments mention of the SHRAMP! caused me to remember a couple of other things I’d wanted to mention, like the picture of Lane and Rory as kids. Whatever wizardry that made that infinitely adorable little photo deserves recognition. Nicely done. And how could I not remember to say something about Lorelai’s “It’s a Boys!” banner to herald Lane’s twins? It was a good night in Stars Hollow for sure. (I wasn’t in my right mind when I initially wrote the review; I was still stinging from having lost my argument with Melissa and Sarah that we needed to go to IHOP when the episode was over. Maybe next time.)