Gilmore Sounding Board no. 145

The Gilmore Sounding Board returns.

Episode no. 145: “Farewell My Pet”

The last several episodes have slowly and surely seen a return to form for Luke Danes, who’s finally recovering (and dare I say it, recovered) from the character assassination perpetrated on him last season for the sake of a poorly conceived and weakly executed story. Incoming writer David S. Rosenthal is finally making gourmet omelettes out of the broken eggs he was handed last year by the departing Team Palladino.

Tonight it was Lorelai’s turn to burn. Deservedly furious with Christopher’s childish moping at a time when she needed him most, Lorelai stood up for herself and stood up against Christopher and man, did it feel good. (Thankfully Rory was there to keep her in line when she started making excuses for Christopher. Rory loves her dad, but she also knows the score. Way to go, Rory Gilmore.)

The writing in this episode was killer. I loved it when Christopher told Lorelai that he’d been asking her to marry him forever, and now that they’re married he feels like he’s still asking. I have felt that way before; there’s no worse feeling than having somebody but knowing that you don’t really have them. Christopher really does love Lorelai, but he never had to grow up and it’s obvious that he still hasn’t. Lorelai’s declaration that he’s the man she wants to want was also well stated, and Christopher’s sincere reaction — that he knows she’s sincere about it — also rang true. What a beautifully written and acted scene. I knew this marriage wouldn’t last, and I was afraid they’d go overboard with its dissolution. Instead, we got a quiet scene that forces Lorelai and Christopher to look at each other and themselves and face some things they’ve been dancing around for far too long. The handling of that storyline tonight is just one more reason why I love this show so much.

The subplot of Michel’s dog funeral fell mostly flat, though it was fun to see Zack squirm at having to learn “My Heart Will Go On” for the ceremony. I also thought they went a little too far in making Rory giddy over the grad student, but for what it’s worth Alexis Bledel played it in the adorable, sweetly silly way that only she can.

It’s taken a while (and probably longer than it should have), but I’m glad there’s been some long-awaited character development the last few weeks. I’m curious to see what’s next.

(It’s also nice to see Lauren Graham getting a “Producer” credit. Then again, when you’re me, it’s really just nice to see Lauren Graham.)

Okay. It’s your turn.