It's better than Superman Returns

Remember that one time, when I didn’t like Superman Returns?

Regarding Superman Returns

Well, the hilarious folks over at The Onion have posted this hilarious take on the Superman legend that casts Al Gore as Gore-Al, who puts his infant son, Kal-Al, into a rocket ship to save the child from global warming:

Al Gore Places Infant Son in Rocket to Escape Dying Planet

Check it out. It’s funny and it’s worth a read on this fine Friday that will end — for me, at least — with a case of the fish sweats after eating at Mike Linnig’s famous seafood restaurant with my lifelong friends, the Brothers Borgelt (and James’s lovely wife, Cathy).

(My review of The Dark Knight is still in the oven. Hopefully this weekend. I’ve got to make sure it’s worthy, kids, because the movie sure as hell was.)

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  1. Hahaha!

    “‘On his new planet, Kal-Al’s Earth physiology will react to the radiation of a differently colored sun, causing him to develop abilities far beyond those of mortal men,” political analyst Sig Schuster said.'”

    Wait, so we could all have superpowers on a different planet because ours is so messed up? Count me in! ;D

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