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Glen climbs a tree, remotely

And it sounds brilliant. At the end of October, I told you about Plover, which was Glen Phillips’s collaboration with Garrison Starr and Neilson Hubbard. In January, Glen released an EP called Secrets of the New Explorers that he co-produced with a fellow named John Askew. It was a quirky, odd, but entirely lovely exploration …

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Regarding the Queen's Beaver

It’s not what you think. It’ll be a few days before I can write up the weekend’s adventure to see Jonatha Brooke and Glen Phillips in Pittsburgh, but Jonatha has told her side of the story right here, complete with photos. And if you happen to buy all of her albums while you’re at her …

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Bob's Pittsburgh pictures are up!

I’m swimming in deadline-infested waters with cement blocks strapped to my feet, but as soon as I can I’ll start telling hilarious stories of our weekend trip to see Jonatha Brooke and Glen Phillips performing together in Pittsburgh. (One of the deadlines is particularly exciting. And I can’t tell you about it yet.) But! In …

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