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Interview: Tom Woodruff

Yesterday I had the massive honor of interviewing Tom Woodruff, who, along with Amalgamated Dynamics partner Alec Gillis, built the creatures and supervised the special effects in the next week’s action/horror sequel, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Check out Tom’s amazing credits right here. In addition to building the creatures, Tom is also a performer in …

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Interview: David Duchovny

I interviewed David Duchovny for Impact today. Despite being extremely ill, he was really friendly and really funny. And brilliant. Here’s how it went: JB: Hi, David. How are you today? DD: I’m sick! JB: You sound it. DD: Yeah. JB: Where are you now? New York, or L.A.? DD: New York. I just wrapped …

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Interview: Kevin Weisman

This is an interview I did with Kevin Weisman. Enjoy! Alias fans who already know that Marshall J. Flinkman can do anything will be happy to learn that Kevin Weisman is every bit the multi-tasker Marshall is. Though his first flirtation with fame came at an early age, the L.A. native has worked hard for …

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