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Video: Norton, Tyler and Letterier talk Hulk!

YES! Here are four awesome videos of a fun, funny, delightfully informal discussion between actors Ed Norton and Liv Tyler and director Louis Letterier about their work on The Incredible Hulk, which we’re all going to see this weekend, right? Ed is thoughtful and humble (and talks about Bill Bixby), Liv’s adorable and vibrant (and …

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Hulk premiere photos are popping up all over

The Incredible Hulk smashes the theater near you and me this Friday, but the official premiere happened this weekend. I love this photo: Yes! Ed Norton, who wrote the film and plays Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno, who was the original TV Hulk and who voices the Hulk in the new movie, and Stan Lee, the …

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Guess who’s coming to dinner? In the Hulk movie, I mean.

Oh, weekend. You have been so good to me. There’s a certain cameo in The Incredible Hulk, which opens next Friday, that’s supposed to be a secret but has already been widely reported online. And given the recent success of the, um, character behind the cameo in question, the folks at Marvel Comics have apparently …

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