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Hercules on the IMDb!

The Internet Movie Database entry for Hercules: The Beginning has been updated! Click here to see the names of the writers, who just happen to be me and my friend, Kevin Rice, who are¬†writing the screenplay with its producer and star, Alexander Nevsky. Things are moving, and I’ll tell you about them in more detail …

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Big Nevsky news!

(Is there any other kind?) Check out this article about the new $40 million movie studio Alexander Nevsky is building in Russia: Variety: Moscow studios given the go-ahead My writing partner Kevin Rice and I are writing Alexander’s Hercules movie mentioned at the end of the article. Swords, muscles, monsters, magic, beautiful (and powerful) women, …

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New HERCULES press

Check out Obsessed With Film for another quick bit on Hercules: The Beginning, the upcoming film my good friend Kevin Rice and I are writing for/with Russian producer, bodybuilder, author, and action star Alexander Nevsky. The article includes this photo (click it to see it bigger) of Alexander in the gym with Lou Ferrigno, who …

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