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Gilmore Sounding Board no. 149

The Pre-Game Show Don’t forget, kids, that Gilmore Girls is back tonight on The CW at 8 with its 149th episode, “Hay Bale Maze.” The review/discussion will be found right at the bottom of the page, at this very link, after the episode has aired. Here’s what The CW has to say: As Stars Hollow …

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Gilmore Sounding Board no. 148

Episode no. 148: “Gilmore Girls Only” Rory saying that she likes it when they show pictures of the “fooooood” at Winkie’s diner was only the cutest thing ever, right? Indeed, it was definitely Alexis Bledel’s night to shine. She got to be not only kookier than usual but also stronger than usual, and it feels …

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Gilmore Sounding Board nos. 146 and 147

Two new Gilmore Girls reviews for you: 146: “I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar” Sorry for the lack of a formal Gilmore Sounding Board last week, but big thanks to Bonnie for summing up what a lot of us Gilmore Girls fans have been feeling in the comments. Last season was painful and uncomfortable, and …

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