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What are you talking about, Matt Damon? Volume 2

Check out Volume 1 for all the background you’ll need. Matt Damon is talking about Bourne yet again, this time to Empire: “I read online that they’re doing another Jason Bourne movie with Tony Gilroy directing that I’m not in. No one told me, literally nobody called me. People think I have insider information, but …

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What are you talking about, Matt Damon?

Now I’m all confused. Maybe Matt Damon is confused, too. I don’t know. Nobody knows what they’re saying about anything anymore. Remember this post I wrote, about Universal maybe making another Bourne movie without Matt Damon? Now Damon has told The Hollywood Reporter that he’d like to do another Bourne movie with Paul Greengrass (who …

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Fourth Bourne to be bad?

Sorry for the bad pun in the title, but humor — even when it’s as lame as that — is the only thing holding me in check right now. Last week, Deadline New York’s Michael Fleming broke the news that Tony Gilroy, who wrote The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum, would …

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