Time to dust off the old Gilmore Sounding Board

And here I thought the announcement of Lauren Graham’s adaptation of THE ROYAL WE (with PARENTHOOD co-star Mae Whitman) would be the only news involving a Gilmore Girl today.

TV Line reports that Stars Hollow and its citizens will shine again on Netflix, with four 90-minute movies.

I’ll defend David Rosenthal’s seventh season (and original series) finale to my final breath, but I’m thrilled to see what’s next for Lorelai and Rory!

Additional details arrived in a second article.

And all of my old Gilmores coverage remains here.

As happy as I was with the final episode, a revival always seemed inevitable, so here’s hoping that Amy Sherman-Palladino puts more thought into the new episodes than she did into the abysmal sixth season; Rosenthal’s run had its share of fumbles, but he was making omelets with broken eggs, and he ended the show with promise and grace.

Oh, well. Whatever happens, I’m just happy to be getting more Lorelai Gilmore in my life.

(Or might it be Lorelai Danes now?)