The latest from Vegas

This city is crazy!

I’m departing in a few minutes for the movie set.

Very exciting.

Jim Caviezel and his family sat near me in the waiting lounge at the airport.

I didn’t bother him, even though I was bursting to tell him that my parents and I watch The Count of Monte Cristo a lot (and you should, too).


I’ve long been saying that he should play Superman, and now, having seen the man in person, and having seen how good and kind he is with his kids, I can honestly say that I felt like I was sitting a few seats away from Superman himself.

And then this very loud, frantic woman ran through the waiting area screaming, “Oh my Gaaaawwwww, I seen Tyrese! I seen Tyrese!”

The hotel in Vegas is nice. They have an Emperor’s Buffet that’s quite … imperial. Except for last night, when a little girl sitting near me sighed to her mother and said, “Mommy, they don’t have any macaroni and cheese.”

Little lady, I agree.

But today I went to the Pizza Palace and enjoyed the highest pasta-to-price ratio of my life with some linguine alfredo with Italian sausage on the side. They didn’t skimp on the salad or the garlic bread, either. And it was the best Pepsi I’ve ever sipped.

And I’m writing this from the hotel’s “cyber cafe” and so far it’s cost me about $49 (which is only a slight exaggeration), so have a wonderful day and I’ll be back with more tidbits later in the week.

Including the “Bruce Wayne: Behind the Mask” essay that I’m working on, and more pictures as I can, and I really need to go because if I type for five more minutes I’ll have spent this month’s rent, and next month’s.

Much love, Gang.

Lots more to come.


  1. dianne says:

    on a strange slightly related note, my daughter’s first grade teacher dated jim caviezel when he was a young, struggling actor.

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