Leaving on a jet plane …

… but I do know when I’ll be back again.

I’m going to Los Angeles (with detours to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas) from July 11 to July 21.

I get to L.A. on Friday; I’m renting a car and driving it to Derek and Kyle’s house, where we’ll hang out and then later meet up with my good friend Kareem and his gorgeous girlfriend Claire and his friends Jonathan and Zeve to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Saturday morning I’m driving the rental car up to the ridiculously beautiful Santa Barbara, where I will be treated to excellent hospitality and tour guidance by my ridiculously beautiful friend Kate. She’s taking me on a tour of her favorite Santa Barbara spots on Saturday, and taking me up into the mountains, and then on Sunday she’s taking me to wine country.

This is all very exciting.

And then Sunday night I’m driving back down to L.A. to meet Kareem’s family and have a fine dinner. I’ll be staying with them Sunday night, and then …

… on Monday morning I’m driving back to the airport, where I’ll get on a plane that will take me to Las Vegas the set of Magic Man, the new thriller being made by my good friend Alexander Nevsky, who’s a multi-talented actor, writer, author, producer, and bodybuilder. I can’t wait to see him and his lovely wife Katya again. The movie stars Alexander, Billy Zane, Robert Davi, Richard Tyson, and Bai Ling. This will be my first trip to a movie set, so it’s very exciting. And Alexander and I are doing to discuss some things that might lead to some very interesting news here on the old blog. Stay tuned.

Then on Wednesday it’s back to Los Angeles, where Kareem is picking me up at the airport and we’re going to present the gloriously high-definition Blu-ray of Batman Begins to his parents, who haven’t seen it. I’ve never seen it in high definintion, so I can’t wait for that.

And then … Thursday … Kareem and Claire and their friend Kay-Anne and I will be seeing THE DARK KNIGHT on IMAX at midnight!


Preceded by some In-and-Out Burger, which is very exciting to me because I love burgers and I especially love new burgers that I’ve never tried before.

We’re going to the movie again with Kareem’s parents on Friday, and again with Jonathan and Zeve on Saturday.

And I’m hoping to see my awesome friend Racheal at some point in there, too.

I get home way late on Monday night, July 21, and I’ll get caught up on everything then.

In the meantime I won’t be posting much; I will put up my Batman essay next Thursday and I’ll write a short thing about The Dark Knight after I see it next Thursday night with a larger review to follow upon my return.

I’ll also be updating my Flickr account as often as I can with pictures from the main trip and the exciting detours.

In the meantime, check out Bill “Jett” Ramey’s incomparable Batman on Film for all the latest Batman movie news, and my friend Stephanie’s own excellent Dark Knight coverage right here; she has an amazing talent for collecting all kinds of awesome tidbits and presenting them with a lot of commentary and sass.

And I’ll see you after July 21!

Be safe.

Be good to each other.

I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Whoo, vlog! You should do those more often. :)

    You’ve got quite a trip in store for you! Have lots of fun and eat lots of good food (mm, burgers)! ;D

    I demand as many pictures as possible!

    I can’t believe how close we are to TDK! I’m hyperventilating over here! Screw sugar or caffeine, it’s pure TDK adrenaline runnin’ through my veins, baby!

    Thanks for the shout out, John!

    I miss our conversations already. :(

  2. John says:

    Stephanie! Already had a good burger. :) More to come, I hope! I’ll put up some pictures next week. And yes … I feel like The Dark Knight should be out now now now. Stop this brutal waiting, oh Universe!

    Miss you, too. But when next we chat we’ll be able to talk lots about how amazing the new Batman movie is!

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