The Joker serves up a wicked new Dark Knight poster

(Thanks to Kyle and Stephanie for the heads-up on this one.)

The marketing campaign for The Dark Knight has reached mad-scientist levels of deranged genius courtesy of The Joker’s tricks, which have yielded all kinds of cool treats.

Every day I wonder if he’s going to blow up my blog for talking about him so much, or send me a cake as a thank-you.

But it would probably be an explosive cake.

Or maybe he’d just like to hang out and read some comics.

Anyway, the rascally Joker has compiled a scrapbook of all his previous scams and schemes on his Why So Serious website.

Just click the items on the checklist for a fun, spooky history lesson.


The latest awesome item to be revealed on the site is this wicked new poster, which you can click on or save to see a much larger version:

What is The Joker trying to say? I think he’s trying to tell Batman that the two of them might not be as different as Batman would like to think they are.

July 18, gang.

It’s going to be monumental.


  1. It really is a kick ass poster. I SO want it in desktop form … damn.

    I liked that if you look at it from far away, the Jokers on the cards—the way they’re laid out—kind of look like bats. ;)

    And I like how the “Ha”s at the bottom form a bat.

    And I love the random quotes by the Joker scribbled all over.

    Mmm … explosive cake …

  2. Bree says:

    I’m not going to lie… When I saw this poster earlier today, my first thought was “OMG! WHY HASN’T JOHN DISCUSSED THIS YET.”

    Followed by “I am a really $#!++Y graphic designer.”

    Geeze, that poster is GORGEOUS.

  3. John says:

    Stephanie! Thanks for the tips! I love all the little hidden bits and pieces. Brilliant stuff.

    And Bree! I didn’t cover it because I was late seeing it because I’m terrified to go near the internet for fear of having anything about the Batman movie ruined for me. So Batman coverage will be light until after the movie, when I can open the floodgates again and talk about all the stuff I’m making myself stay away from. And please don’t knock your skills. You’re an awesome graphic designer and you’re working in BASEBALL!


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