And while we're on a Wonder Woman kick …

… more of the cast of the upcoming Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animated movie has been announced.

Back in January, I told you that Keri Russell had been cast as the voice of Wonder Woman.

This was excellent news. Wonder Woman must convey strength and grace and warmth and kindness, and I really think Keri has all of those things.

Now Rosario Dawson’s official site has posted this article naming a few more of the cast members.

Why would Rosario do that?

Because she’s one of them.

Though it would have been better if she was just posting it because she’s a big Wonder Woman fan, and she’d find my blog and see that I’m a big Wonder Woman fan, too, and she’d write me an email and we’d correspond for a bit and get to know each other, and then she’d come visit me and we’d go for long walks and fall in love one sunny afternoon by that big tree in the park.

But that’s okay.

Because it really is good news that Rosario is a voice in the Wonder Woman movie, because she has great pipes and she’s no stranger to playing tough roles and she really does like comic books.

In fact, she writes one called Occult Crimes Taskforce.

Anyway, Rosario is providing the voice of Artemis, one of Wonder Woman’s fellow Amazons.

Also joining the cast is Virginia Madsen, who’s had quite the career resurgence lately, but I’ve been on her bandwagon for years since seeing her in Highlander 2. She’ll be providing the voice of Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta.

And then there’s Alfred Molina, one of the greatest character actors of all time, as Ares, the god of war. Molina was Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2 and the “throw me the idol, I throw you the whip” guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Frida’s husband in Frida, etc.

He’s one of those guys who disappears into a character, and I know he’ll be amazing.

Last but not least, we’ve got Nathan Fillion as Steve Trevor, the American pilot whose plane crashes into Paradise Island, the home of the Amazons.

Fillion is a genre hero for his work as Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity, and he was excellent as the small-town doctor opposite none other than Keri Russell in the excellent Waitress, which I really liked.

What a cast!

A preview for this movie will appear on the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD that arrives on July 8.

More news on the Wonder Woman project as it happens!


  1. John says:

    Also, Nathan Fillion was born to play Hal Jordan, the hot-shot test pilot who becomes the Green Lantern. They’re writing a Green Lantern movie as we speak, and I think he’d be perfect for it.

  2. Kanezona says:

    I still believe that Megan Gale should portray Wonder Woman, if not in the JL film, then at least in the WW movie. She’s just too good a choice to throw away now that the JL film is on hold yet again. Lynda Carter should most definitely portray her mother, Queen Hippolyta. And developing the characters and relationships on Paradise Island (i.e., the Queen, Artemis, Donna Troy, etc.,) and Greek mythology (i.e., Ares, Circe, Aphrodite, etc.,) along with the characters from Man’s World (i.e., Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the
    Woo-Woo Girls, the Cheetah, etc.,) would prove awesome for viewers! And provide her with her iconic accoutrements (i.e., tiara that she also uses as a boomerang and video phone; earrings that can translate any spoken language; bracelets that deflect objects and can create a force field around her) as well as her other magical super powers (i.e., mimic anyone’s voice; the transformation twirl; and the ability to see the good in everyone). And let’s not forget to include her invisible jet/Wonderdome cast of characters.

    As for a No-No List, how about the following Don’ts as well: 1. Don’t make her a teenager; make her 2000+ years old. It makes for a richer background and back-story. 2. Don’t make her fly. She’s not Superman. That’s what her cool and unique invisible jet is for.
    3. Don’t take away her iconic costume. She wears the American flag and that’s part of her unique appeal.
    4. Don’t make her overtly sexy/sexual. 5. Don’t make her too mannish/butch. Allow her to have some curves,
    just not gratuitous jiggle. 6. Don’t cast well-known actors other than Lynda Carter (for obvious reasons). Allow views the chance to get to know the character as the character and not some actor AS the character. Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter are great examples of this! 7. Don’t exclude villains from her comics. There are tons of great ones to use (e.g., Circe, Silver Swan, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, Ares, Dr.
    Psycho, etc.). 8. Don’t forget to include her secret identity. The one thing that most EVERYONE who talks about WW comments on is that FAMOUS Lynda
    Carter twirl. There’s lots of fun and excitement seeing how she’ll be able to keep her secret in order to protect the ones she loves in Man’s World as well as to be undercover. 9. Don’t overlook the invisible jet/Wonderdome. Lots of creative possibilities and uniquely rich characters to draw upon. 10. Don’t get rid of her high heels. They’re silly in some ways, but
    she IS a comic book character, and if you look at most comic book characters, they’re costumes really don’t translate into the real world. But that’s part of the fantasy and appeal. It’s not supposed to be real world.

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