If Bale doesn't want to be Batman when he's 62 …

… my nephew Oliver will be ready and of the age to take his place.

Look at that! He’s already perfected the brooding gaze.

Ollie’s previous run-in with “Matman” can be seen here.


  1. Bree says:

    Is this one of those situations where mom/dad found it on a shelf and thought it was cute on Ollie… or is this one of those AWESOME situations where Ollie had this at home and refused to leave the house w/o it?

    Either situation clearly wins, but demanding to wear a mask while out shopping is pretty sweet.

  2. John says:

    Bree! I’ll have to ask his parents what the situation was!

    I do know he loves him some Matman.

    One time I was at a Chinese buffet and there were two women there with four small children. One of the little boys was wearing a Batman Halloween costume. Adorable. One of the women was exasperated, but the other woman was too cool for school. When the little boy in the costume started climbing up on the table, she calmly, coolly said, “Get down off that table, Batman.” And he did. And I like to think in my mind that he’d only answer to Batman.

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