This is also not about The Dark Knight …

… as much as it is a study, if you will, of the new Bat Suit we’ll be seeing Christian Bale wearing in the movie.

Click on the photo below (or, better yet, right-click it and save it) to see a huge, highly detailed version:

I love it.

Notice the under-suit, which is a mesh material that fits tightly to Bale’s physique.

And then, on top of that, there’s strategically placed armor and padding.

This is basically a modern-day take on samurai armor, which strikes a perfect balance between protection and mobility.

And for a guy who does as much fighting as Batman, that’s an ideal mix.

Also notice that the barbs on the gauntlets are in two rows of three this time.

Looks like the belt’s the same.

July 18.

July 18.

July 18.