Peace Fund Radio #92

With National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month coming up in October and World Day of Bullying Prevention happening on October 6, Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier take another look at the staggering statistics that make bullying the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the United States.

We also talk to social media magnate Eric Zuley about how his Stop Tour is drafting some of the top names in entertainment to combat bullying in all its forms. And after Adrian spotlights organizations such as STOMP Out Bullying, Make Beats Not Beat Downs, and No Bully, I highlight previous anti-bullying Peace Fund Radio Heroes Dalton Cyr, Matthew Kaplan, and the Think Before You Type team of Lauren and Victoria Coaxum.

Our new Hero of the Week, Sanah Jivani, became the target of merciless name-calling and savage bullying after losing her hair to alopecia areata at age 12. But rather than letting the harsh words of others bring her down, Sanah uses her experiences to help her fellow young people find peace and joy within by accepting and celebrating how and who they are. Her International Natural Day movement is now active in 28 countries (from the United States to the United Arab Emirates) and counting.

You can download the episode here or hear it in our archive here!