Remembering Michael Turner

Our good friend Kyle just wrote to let me know that comic book artist (and sometimes writer) Michael Turner lost his battle with cancer on Friday night.

He was only 37 years old.

Please check out the loving obituaries at GEN and Newsarama. Both speak volumes about what a good, friendly and enthusiastic man he was. Not to mention talented.

My favorite work of Mr. Turner’s was the art he did for issues 8-13 of DC’s Superman/Batman team-up title.

It’s collected in a lovely hardcover right here, which you can purchase at your local comic shop.

Just last night, in fact, my friend Kevin stopped by and was looking at my bookshelves and took down my copy and started flipping through it. I sent it home with him to read and enjoy.

I also sent a copy of it to my lovely friend Kelly — a Superman fan if there ever was one — to read while she was in the Caribbean (working on the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, in fact).

It’s a great story. While investigating a huge Kryptonite meteorite that crashed into Gotham Harbor, Batman discovers that the meteorite was bearing a spaceship.

The young teenage girl inside, confused and afraid, begins tearing up the city until Superman arrives in time to calm her down. It turns out she’s his cousin from the doomed planet of Krypton, but of course there’s more to it than that. Batman immediately doesn’t trust her. Superman immediately trusts her too much. And before it’s all over, she trains with Wonder Woman and gets whisked by Darkseid to Apokolips, where Superman and Batman have no choice but to follow on a rescue mission into the depths of one of the universe’s nastiest hells.

Turner’s artwork throughout is gorgeous and it’s a cool story. Check it out.

Thanks for all of the amazing work you did, Mr. Turner, and know that you’ll live on forever through your work.

I’ll conclude this with Mr. Turner’s drawing of Wonder Woman fighting a dinosaur.

Peace be with you, good sir.