Jonatha and Glen! Jonatha and Glen!

Thank you, Universe, for all victories big and small.

Thank you … for this.

Jonatha Brooke is amazing.

She’s got the most beautiful “whoa, my heart has done what her voice just did” voice I’ve ever heard, and she knows how to use it.

Glen Phillips wrote and sang the songs for Toad the Wet Sprocket and still makes solo albums brimming with wisdom and warmth.

And now … they are going to sing … together.

Check it out in Paste:

Jonatha Brooke set to release album of Woody Guthrie lyrics

Here’s the relevant passage:

Brooke also performs duets with Eric Bazilian, Glen Phillips and Keb’ Mo’.

This is better than that one time, when chocolate met peanut butter.

The album is out August 26!

And whoever is responsible for this pairing deserves at least a million dollars.