Peace Fund Radio #42

Today was a very Superman day. On what would have been Christopher Reeve’s 61st birthday, I got to talk to another Man of Steel, Dean Cain of LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, on Peace Fund Radio!

At the top of the hour, Ethan Dettenmaier welcomes guest co-host Alexandra Tonelli, who just happens to be married to Peace Fund founder Adrian Paul (who’s filming a movie in Bulgaria this week), for a discussion about the effects military deployments have on the children back home.

Alex was fantastic; she has a lovely presence and a unique perspective, and I hope she’s able to be on the show again.

Then I pop in to talk about Hero of the Week Nicholas Lowinger, who, since age 13, has been providing shoes and other aid to homeless children and homeless and disabled veterans via his remarkable Gotta Have Sole Foundation.

Dean Cain bravely battles equipment malfunctions to Skype in to discuss the numerous charities he supports; Ethan conducts the interview, but I did get to tell Dean how much I appreciated how cool, charming, confident, and fun I always found his portrayal of Superman to be. (His audio is pretty choppy, and we’re going to have him back on the show again as soon as we can. Anyone else would have just given up, but Dean fought through all the technical difficulties like a champ. It’s nice to know he’s still a hero to children around the world through his charity work. Bravo, sir.)

And then, at the end, Adrian calls between filming scenes to help announce the winners of the caption contest.

You can hear it here!