Peace Fund Radio #34

On this week’s episode, I tell the story of our Hero of the Week, Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio, who founded Make Some Noise to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research after being diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in his hip in 2008. So far he’s been able to bring in over $1.1 million. Outstanding!

And then Adrian Paul and I regale Adrian’s co-host, Ethan Dettenmaier, with tales of our adventures promoting the Peace Fund last weekend at Fandom Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, where we met celebrities like William Shatner, Jason Momoa, John Barrowman, Eddie McClintock, Jason David Frank, Chandler Riggs, and Gillian Anderson, who is impossibly beautiful in person.

I can only wonder what my 1993 self would have said had he/I known that the Highlander would one day introduce me to Agent Scully.

Gillian was really nice and used my iPhone to browse our Celebs 4 Kids site. I will never clean it.

Shatner asked me in the green room if rumors of fried chicken for lunch were true. (They were not.)

Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on THE WALKING DEAD, and his father are truly lovely people. Chandler turned down a chance to be a guest at San Diego Comic Con so that he and some friends could put a new roof on a house for a family in need. I told him he should be proud of holding his own against such a seasoned cast.

And Jason Momoa is a massive man. Super nice. Every time he saw me, he’d smile and say hello and greet me with a friendly clap on the shoulder that would have displaced me had I not braced for it. He works with a charity that takes autistic kids surfing.

We hope to have all of them on the show soon! We also spoke to the crew from the Stan Lee Foundation.

Anyway, you can listen to or download this week’s show here!