Joker hacks pizza site, reveals Two Face!


So, there’s a new website up for the Gotham City Pizzeria, and in typical Joker fashion, he’s already hacked into it.

Keep your eyes on the “H” and the “A” in “GOTHAM.”


Get it?

Oh, Joker.

Anyway, as you look at the “HA,” you’ll see it start to wiggle and jerk, and then it will explode into a jagged red “ha ha ha” when you put your mouse over it.

And if you click on “HA,” it will take you to something I’m going to tell you right now that you SHOULD NOT WATCH if you are avoiding spoilers for this movie.

It’s a short scene from the film that reveals, from the back, a small portion of the makeup we’ll be seeing on Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent after he gets disfigured and becomes Two Face.

Harvey’s got too much smog in the noggin to reveal himself to us on his own terms, so it looks like The Joker has taken the initiative to give us our first glimpse at one of Batman’s most classic and tragic villains.

And I THINK the actor playing the cop at the bar might be Ron Dean, who was one of the cops who interrogated Harrison Ford in that amazing improvised scene in The Fugitive, but I’m not sure.

Proceed with caution.

Better yet, don’t proceed at all, because July 18 is just a month and a day away.

How sweet the sound. :)

On a quick note, I took my parents to see The Incredible Hulk for Father’s Day (and they loved it), but all my dad could talk about when it was over was the Dark Knight trailer they showed before the movie.

This movie is going to be huge, folks.

And I think it’s going to be bigger and better than any of us can even comprehend yet.