Incredible Hulk musings from people I trust

I won’t be able to chime in on this until tomorrow, but two guys whose opinions I trust implicitly have seen the film and raved about it.

My buddy Aaron, who went on the Hardee’s Adventure with me, says this:

Is just as good as Iron Man. And it’s not just me talking here. Oh no, it has the George Melton seal of approval!

Makes you wonder what would’ve happened if Marvel had control all along. Think X-Men and X2 are good now, think of how great they could’ve really been!

Can’t wait for Thor and Captain America!


The George Melton he’s talking about, of course, is the owner and operator of Empire Comics in New Albany, Indiana, where I’ve been buying my comics for 15 years and will continue to do so even though I’ve moved to Louisville and live right beside a comic shop.

George is the best.

And he’s also the world’s biggest Hulk fan, who had as much of an emotional stake going into this film as I’ll have when I see The Dark Knight, for example.

I was afraid the movie wouldn’t live up to George’s standards, especially after he was burned so badly by the terrible Ang Lee version from 2003.


George told me this in an email this morning:

The Incredible Hulk was beautiful, just beautiful. As always, there were a few very minor things I would have done differently, but otherwise, flawless. Sticking with some aspects of the TV show, they mixed it with pieces of the Ultimate universe while still managing to maintain that fugitive, lovesick, guy-who-wants-to-do-the-right-thing feel throughout the whole movie. Plenty of shout outs to all of our favorite things about the comics and the TV show. Action galore, effects gorgeous – the scene in the daylight with the Army is just breathtakingly realistic (considering) – story fast paced and easy to understand. I loved it. I will go again Saturday night probably, and again Sunday.

Excellent news.

I’ll have a big review of this one by Monday, kids. I’m taking my friend Kevin tomorrow night for his birthday, and taking my parents again on Sunday for Father’s Day.

Stay tuned.

And go see it!