MAN OF STEEL trailer #4 reveals the “Fate of Your Planet”

Fate of my planet? Fate of my planet? I’ll tell you something about the fate of my planet! On June 14, we’re going to get the most amazing movie of the year! THAT is the fate of my planet!



  1. John Bierly says:

    Thanks, Alexander! I wish I could take credit for the format, but all I did was click a button to change the theme! It’ll probably change again in a week or so when WordPress updates to version 3.6 and there are new theme and format options available. Thanks for noticing, and thanks as always for being a loyal reader. I need to work a lot harder at writing here more often, but I just haven’t had a lot of free time.

    And I agree with you about the movie — every new TV spot and trailer gives us better sights and sounds. The music is so good. I never thought anyone would ever come close to matching John Williams’s score, but Zimmer’s stuff is just fantastic. Soaring, stirring, bombastic. Can’t wait. We’re in good hands here.

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