Chockablock Watch 2008

Kids, we’ve got a situation on our hands.

The word “chockablock” is making a comeback.

If you’ll take a look at the previous post about the Hulk premiere, you’ll see that Tim Blake Nelson used it in one of the videos.

Just days before this, Harrison Ford got all chockablocky about the Jack Ryan franchise over at CHUD:

Ford Says “Cracking,” “Chockablock” Whilst Discussing Jack Ryan Revival

I mean, check out this quote:

“[Jack Ryan’s] a character that I think you could revisit acknowledging the passage of time and his increasing age. It wasn’t age dependent; that character and his experiences were chockablock full of recipes for ripping good yarns, so that’s a character I wouldn’t mind revisiting.”

“Chockablock full of recipes for ripping good yarns.”


Why don’t I say things like that?

Probably because, until this week, I had never heard the word “chockablock” before, and now some of Hollywood’s best actors can’t stop using it.

Who will be next?

I vow to you, my Loyal Readers, that I will seek out and post all uses of “chockablock” in the mainstream and entertainment media.

And then I’ll figure out what it means.

More to come.

And I need your help on this.

So feel free to keep your eyes and ears open, too, if you’d like.