Hulk premiere photos are popping up all over

The Incredible Hulk smashes the theater near you and me this Friday, but the official premiere happened this weekend.

I love this photo:


Ed Norton, who wrote the film and plays Bruce Banner, Lou Ferrigno, who was the original TV Hulk and who voices the Hulk in the new movie, and Stan Lee, the Marvel mastermind who was one of the Hulk’s original creators.


There’s a video clip here from Entertainment Tonight with some quotes from the stars.

Liv Tyler admits to being “a bit of a nerd, actually.”


There are also good bits from Tim Roth and Tim Blake Nelson, who play Emil Blonsky (who becomes the monstrous Abomination) and Dr. Samuel Sterns, respectively.

And Tim Blake Nelson uses the word “chockablock,” which totally rocks.

And Lou Ferrigno talks about how it goes back to the TV show, and Stan Lee gets all excited about how lucky Marvel is to have guys like Robert Downey, Jr. and Ed Norton playing their heroes.

Meanwhile, IESB has an exclusive gallery of photos from the premiere right here.

And here’s another video from Access Hollywood, which is way better than Entertainment Tonight’s, actually. Stan Lee, you rascal!

Friday! Friday! Friday!