Guess who’s coming to dinner? In the Hulk movie, I mean.

Oh, weekend. You have been so good to me.

There’s a certain cameo in The Incredible Hulk, which opens next Friday, that’s supposed to be a secret but has already been widely reported online.

And given the recent success of the, um, character behind the cameo in question, the folks at Marvel Comics have apparently decided to let the supersonic metal cat out of the bag early.

If you don’t mind being spoiled, watch this brand new official television commercial:

UPDATE: The video has been moved to here.

This is a brilliant move.

It ties the Marvel movie universe together and gives some wonderful advance buzz for Hulk.

And the CGI has improved by leaps and bounds since the original trailer.

And Liv Tyler’s in it.

Liv Tyler’s in it!

And maybe she’ll wear a Cosby sweater.

A Cosby sweater!