"Batman has no limits."

Somebody please come over and hold my hand to calm me down.

I might be hyperventilating a little bit.

Because life is beautiful.

Our good friend Stephanie from the Girls Entertainment Network just gave me the heads-up about a new video feature previewing The Dark Knight on IMAX.

So zip on over to Batman on Film, operated by another of our good friends, Mr. Bill Ramey, for some more information, and then …

… put on your seat belt …

… and click here.

Click the Videos link.

Select the IMAX Featurette.

Or just save the High Definition version by right-clicking and saving this link.

Oh, man.

Whoa, man.

Most of it is footage from the trailer, cut in with interview footage with writer/director Christopher Nolan and cinematographer Wally Pfister.


There are some breathtaking new views of Gotham City … and some great new facial gymnastics from Heath Ledger’s Joker … and Harvey Dent spinning a coin …

… and …

… there’s a shot of Bruce Wayne out of the Batman costume, and he’s got tons of scars and bruises all over his back, and it’s exactly like the famous Alex Ross painting!

Alfred warns him to know his limits.

“Batman has no limits.”

And then there’s some footage of Batman and The Joker locked together in an interrogation room, and The Joker lets out this hissing laugh that’s utterly inhuman.

And there is no way I’m going to last until July 18.

Watch the new footage!