LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT hits Kickstarter!

“I’m Batman.”

Come on. Don’t tell me you’ve never said it out loud with a heroic rasp.

Producer/director Brett Culp doesn’t just think he’s Batman. He knows we’ve all got some Caped Crusader inside us, and his new documentary, LEGENDS OF THE KNIGHT, just hit Kickstarter for a funding push.

You can watch the trailer at the film’s official site, and it will move you to tears.

What’s most exciting about this project to me is that you’ll notice my friend Josh Costella’s name among the list of Executive Producers. Josh is a fellow Modern Myth Media Gentleman who’s one of the kindest, hardest working guys I’ve ever had the honor to know. And though he’ll be quick to tell you that he shouldn’t get any credit, I’d like to point out that his name wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t believed in this project from the start. Congratulations, brother.

I’m also seeing all kinds of familiar names among the contributors. Friends I’ve made during my time at Batman on Film and MMM. Mark Hughes, Robert Reineke, Martin Deer, Matt Grazel, Michael Young. Truly awesome.

It makes me think of how I’ve often thought that Christian Bale was so affected by playing Batman that he can’t shut it off. He visited victims of the Colorado shootings, had lunch with a little boy with leukemia, and recently called another young cancer patient in the hospital to remind him that we’re all Batman, just like this film aims to do. So if you’d like to see this project continue its march to completion, zip on over to that Kickstarter link and support something that’s bound to be special indeed.