It’s a banner day for fans of MAN OF STEEL

Not to be confused with the several existing pages created by fans, Warner Bros. launched the one, true, official Facebook profile for MAN OF STEEL yesterday — and unveiled the glorious banner you see above.

Sean and Josh and I discussed it last night on the new Modern Myth Media podcast, and you can also read about it on the MMM site here.

I love it. Remember when costume designer Michael Wilkinson discussed the “neo-medieval” aesthetic of Krypton and the costume worn by our new Superman, Henry Cavill? The new banner is right in line with that and, like Cavill himself, is equally regal and rugged. Everything we’ve seen from this film so far hits a handsome balance between classic and space-age, and hopefully we’ll see more soon.

As Sean and Josh and I discussed last night, we’d love to see a teaser soon, a trailer before THE DARK KNIGHT RISES on July 20, and an IMAX prologue before WB’s THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY in December.

After all, our friends at Think McFly Think reported in December that special effects work was already underway, which means there’s bound to be some finished footage for the studio to show off when it’s ready.

Please be sure to “Like” the official Facebook page. I hope Warner Bros. uses it to its full potential and gives us some news soon. Perhaps we’ll even get some new photos. Russell Crowe, who’s playing Kal-El’s father, Jor-El, posted on his Twitter that he participated in a MAN OF STEEL photo shoot on March 25 involving a fog machine that set off the fire alarm. (Is he sure it wasn’t the presence of Amy Adams that did that?) With any luck, we’ll see some of those photos soon.

If I were Warner Bros., I’d also get an official site up soon. already points back to WB’s main hub. Just put up the new banner, the shot of Cavill in costume, and a link to the official Facebook, and you’re good to go. That would also cut down on the chances of people accidentally hitting “Like” on one of the fan sites rather than on the official one.

MAN OF STEEL takes us up, up, and away on June 14, 2013! And that’s way, way, way too far away.

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  1. Alexander Stevenson says:

    It definitely fits with the Neo-Medieval/Renaissance kinda style they’re going for.  I like it.

    Jor-El has always been a kind of Galileo-type figure, so this aesthetic change to Krypton just keeps clicking more and more for me.

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